Monday, May 13, 2013

Heroic Horridon (10 man)

Heroic Horridon is a fight that hinges on DPS doing their jobs properly. The hardest challenge of this fight is proper interrupts, dispels, and DPS to the correct targets at the correct times. Moonkins are very useful in this fight for both solid DPS and group utility. Your personal DPS on meters should be low on your list of priorities during this fight. Maximizing usage of Solar Beam, Nature's Vigil, Stampeding Roar, Remove Corruption, and other utility abilities will allow you to shine on this fight.

Talents, Glyphs, Symbiosis

Ability Usage

Always use Starsurge procs immediately unless noted. Prioritize Starsurge procs in to adds unless your group's DPS is high enough that you can use a focus cast macro to dump Starsurge in to Horridon. You should use eclipsed dots on all mobs in sight - don't focus on applying uneclipsed dots. It is useful to have a focus cast macro to reapply dots on Horridon. Focus priority on the small adds particularly Gurubashi Bloodlords, Venomous Effusions, Risen Drakkari Warriors, and Risen Drakkari Champions. With enough dot spread you should get plenty of Starsurge procs to use on more adds or Horridon.


Common Mistakes

UI Setup

Summary (TL:DR)

Helpful Links

See anything I missed? Have more pro tips? Lingering question? Leave comments below or e-mail me! Add me on battletag Manamonster#1212.

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