Thursday, May 9, 2013

Heroic Jin'rokh (10 man)

Heroic Jin'rokh is one of the easier fights in Throne of Thunder. The hardest challenge of this fight is dodging Lightning Diffusion during Lightning Storm. Moonkins are no better or worse than most classes for this particular encounter. Your DPS will be highly dependent on how much you min/max your positioning and how bad RNG is with Focused Lightning.

Talent & Glyph Selection

Always use Starsuge procs immediately unless noted. You might want to modify to start 1 cast from Solar Eclipse if your haste is not high enough to reach Lunar Eclipse before the first pool comes out.


Common Mistakes

UI Setup

Summary (TL:DR)

Helpful Links

See anything I missed? Have more pro tips? Lingering question? Leave comments below or e-mail me! Add me on battletag Manamonster#1212.


  1. Do you guys have your warrior cast Mass Spell Reflect for ionization and just dispel/let the debuff fall off the remaining players that were out of its range?

    1. Or does Mass Spell Reflect even work on that fight?

  2. Pretty sure Mass Spell reflect doesn't work. We usually just have people use their immunity spells like AMS and Cloak of Shadows .... then we just dispel/let the debuff fall off if necessary for any remaining people. Healers almost always get their own dispel immediately after it goes out.


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